Get your students ready for
an adventure of local farm proportions!

The Local Farm Adventures Kids gives schools an opportunity to introduce students to the wonderful world of our local farms, through interactive Q&A sessions with our farmers, along with hands-on workshops and activities — all within the classroom. Choose from our unique farm experiences!

Session Information

Duration: 60-75mins (approx.)

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Session flow:
Introduction + Pre recorded Farm Tour: ~ 15 mins

Hands-on Workshop & Activities*: ~ 45mins

(*conducted in Classroom with guidance from teachers)

Live Chat and Q&A with Farmer : ~ 15mins (via Zoom or Teams)


Fees (per student)
$25+ — Min group to start : 30

$22+ — Min group to start : 100

Additional details
– Each student will be provided with an informative activity-based booklet that includes information about the local farms, along with a complimentary pack of TLF produce.

– An prior online training session will be conducted with the teachers.

– Materials will be delivered to school prior to the actual session date

– Each class should have their respective screens for the Zoom session.

– Terms & conditions apply