Fun-filled experiential programmes by Kranji Countryside Association

EXPERIENCE how you can go from being just an everyday consumer to a local farm-fresh expert at The Local Farm Festival!

Organised by the Kranji Countryside Association, join our local farmers as they inspire you with their farm stories and take you on a meaningful journey in getting to know our local farmers and quality farm-fresh produce. Through a series of engaging hands-on workshops, learn how to farm quails, harness the benefits of microgreens, understand the theory and basics of aquaponics, and incorporate farm-fresh goodness into your daily meals.

Open to members of the public who are passionate about learning and are keen to engage more deeply with our local produce and farmers.


15 April 2023 (SAT) . 16 April 2023 (SUN) ,10AM – Hello Quail & Uncle William (60mins) 

15 April 2023 (SAT) . 16 April 2023 (SUN) , 11:15AM – All about Eggs- Incubation & Brooding  (60mins)

15 April 2023 (SAT) . 16 April 2023 (SUN) , 1:00PM – Fun with Frogs(45mins)

15 April 2023 (SAT) . 16 April 2023 (SUN)  , 2:15PM – Know Your Mushrooms (75mins)

16 April 2023 (SUN) – Juice it right! (30mins)



Uncle William Quail Farm

Jurong Frog Farm 

KinYan Agrotech Farm 

QuanFa Organic Farm

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