‘Farmpack for a cause’ is a ground up initiative by like minded individuals to forge closer partnership with our local farmers, SMEs and community to strengthen our social fabric and quality of life.

Launched on 13th Janurary 2021 and in collaboration with 52 local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), we have managed to have 75 sponsored farmpacks. ‘Farm-Pack For A Cause’ aims to provide lower-income families with sponsored ‘TLF Packs’, TLF’s local produce subscription pack weekly for a period of 3 months, through the Ministry of Social & Family Development’s (MSF) community links network.

Together we can support one another in this pandemic and rise as a community to care for those who needed help in this trying period.


Participating Partners


No Farmers No Food

THANK YOU! to all our corporate partners for making our inital project a successful one .