The Future of Fish – is there one?

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The Future of Fish
– is there one?

The Local Farm (TLF) by Gardenasia created the TLFX platform to engage change makers and thought leaders to challenge mindsets and explore various perspectives about important issues that impact the local farming community. Simply put – no farmers, no food.

What’s The Local Farm Xchange (TLFX)?

What’s The Local Farm Xchange (TLFX)?

The Local Farm (TLF) by Gardenasia created the TLFX platform to engage change makers and thought leaders to challenge mindsets and explore various perspectives about important issues that impact the local farming community. Simply put – no farmers, no food.

In conjunction with World Food Day 2021, the inaugural TLFX 2021 event will focus on Singapore’s aquaculture farming community. Together with Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) and Temasek Polytechnic Eco-Campus Committee (TPECC), The Local Farm (TLF) by Gardenasia is proud to present The Local Farm Xchange (TLFX) 2021: The Future of Fish – is there one?

Why is this exchange critical?

In order to achieve Singapore’s 30 by 30 goal, we need to be united in our approach and efforts to:

1. Increase local farms to produce 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs

2. Support our local produce by buying from our own aquaculture farmers

3. Encourage aquaculture farmers to improve productivity by harnessing technology


The time is now to rethink, rework and rebuild a new future for Singapore where food security and sustainability take centre stage, to cultivate new perspectives for our current and future generations.


Why? Because, “no farmers, no food”.

The Local Farm Xchange (TLFX) 2021:

The Future of Fish – Is there one?

14 October 2021


2pm – 4pm

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The Speakers

MR Kenny Eng
Director & Principal Consultant, Gardenasia

Host/Panel Moderator

Kenny Eng is the Director of Gardenasia – the hortitainment arm of the Nyee Phoe Group – and a thought leader in the farm entertainment space.


Growing up amongst gardens and greens, the visionary entrepreneur belongs to Nyee Phoe’s 4th generation, and upholds the legacy and values of his family’s century-old horticulture business: being evergreen, upholding quality and setting trends.

Dr Lee Chee Wee
Centre Director, Aquaculture Innovation Centre

Speaker 1

Dr Lee Chee Wee has more than 25 years of dynamic, hands-on experience and networking in providing technological innovation and solutions to enterprises across the globe.


Dr Lee is the immediate Past-Director of Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Applied Science where he spearheaded technology capabilities and provided valuable innovative solutions to more than 150 companies.

Mr Malcolm ong
CEO, The fish farmer

Speaker 2

Malcolm Ong, a first-time ‘farm-preneur’ and former managing director of a French IT company, owns one of Singapore’s largest marine fish farms producing Mullet, Milkfish, Red Snapper and Sea Perch. More than 70% of his farm is made of recycled materials and power is harnessed from renewable solar energy.


Malcolm firmly believes farming is the best option to provide fish sustainably to meet the world’s growing demands.

Dr Farshad Shishehchian
President & CEO/Founder, Blue Aqua International Group

Speaker 3

Dr Farshad Shishechian has more than 28 years of dynamic, hands-on experience in the world’s top aquaculture producing countries.


He has managed aquaculture farms and hatcheries in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, China, Sri- Lanka, Malaysia, Korea, Norway, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Australia, Singapore and Chile.

About The Local Farm

The Local Farm (TLF) by Gardenasia goes by this simple saying: no farmers, no food. TLF believes in the importance of bridging the local farms in Singapore closer to people, and building meaningful connections between both.

This is accomplished through the curation of various experiences under the EAT, WORK & PLAY concept: TLF Bistro & Grocer, monthly TLF Packs, along with specially-tailored TLF Adventures for families and kids.


About Gardenasia

Gardenasia (GA) aims to draw people closer to nature through curated experiences that are naturally inspired. The GA Experience Consultants draw upon various lifestyle pillars – EAT, WORK & PLAY – to create a holistic ‘GA Experience’. These include the Bistro, products by The Local Farm, GAkids programmes, eco-ambassadors Titoy and Morchoo, and GA’s expertise in organising farmers’ market events.

Gardenasia is part of the Nyee Phoe group of companies.


About Aquaculture Innovation Centre

 Aquaculture Innovation Centre (AIC) is the first ever Centre of Innovation (COI) funded by Enterprise Singapore that adopts an inclusive and collaborative approach involving a consortium of 11 research institutes, agencies, universities and polytechnics.

AIC operates through co-operating and co-sharing of expertise, facilities, intellectual properties and resources amongst the AIC consortium members to work towards serving the needs of the local aquaculture enterprises for improving farm productivity.


About Blue Aqua

Blue Aqua International is a one-stop solution provider for the aquaculture industry worldwide. The group provides cutting-edge solutions for the management of the culture environment and the optimization of animal nutrition. Specialised in shrimp and fish farming – the group transfers its expert solutions to over 4000 customers worldwide and operates farms in Singapore and Indonesia.

At Blue Aqua, we believe in the symbiosis of the earth and humankind, where food is produced with no discount to the conservation of nature. We strive to harness the necessary optimism and innovation to cultivate a sustainable new world. 


About The Fish Farmer

The Fish Farmer was founded to provide fresh, safe and sustainable fish to the local market. More than 70% of the farm is made of recycled materials and renewable solar energy is harnessed for power. Using traditional fish farming techniques, the fish swim and exercise with the tides and absorb the natural nutrients and the sea environment, resulting in fish with firm texture, no mud taste and the same flavour as wild caught fishes.

The Fish Farmer is the only farm in Singapore with the widest variety of fish and the largest producer of mullet, milkfish, red snapper and sea perch.


About Temasek Polytechnic Eco-Campus Committee

Temasek Polytechnic Eco-Campus Committee (TPECC) aims to educate staff and students in green ways and green lifestyle issues. The committee is made up of staff who have volunteered to be committee members because of their green interest. TPECC has organised learning journeys, forums, webinars, events as well as engaged in educational collaborations with The Disabled People’s Association Singapore (DPA), The Public Utilities Board (PUB) and The Singapore Environment Council (SEC). The committee also manages a student group, Temasek Polytechnic Green Interest Group (TPGIG).